mango pomelo sago

mango sago dessert

Mango Sagooo…this is possibly my favourite dessert ..ermm no my favourite Chinese dessert because it has two of my most liked ingredients.. mango and sago. Who doesn’t like mangoes by the way..bright yellow pulp that tastes soo good and have many health benefits. It sure is the king of fruits. This dessert is had chilled..a perfect for summer as mangoes are in season in my part of the world.

Mango sago is found across many Chinese restaurants and food courts in Singapore. Typical dessert name is mango pomelo sago. But I am not a fan of citrus fruits so I omit Pomelo and make it with Mango and Sago. I had it for the first time years back when I was a student here in Singapore. Since then whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant or food court I look for this dish before ordering the mains. 😛

As per wikipedia, this dessert was said to be invented by Lei Garden in 1984 when it decided to set up its first branch in Singapore. It wanted to create a new dessert which is in line with the taste of Singaporeans and thus invented mango sago with pomelo to make people feel cooler after having a taste of it. Here goes the recipe..


mango sago dessert


  • I used Alphonso mangoes, this dessert goes well with Banganapalli or any other non fibrous variety.
  • Adjust the consistency as per choice. Add milk to loosen if its too thick.
  • If there is not enough mangoes, you can use store bought mango juice, blend the mangoes and mix with mango juice.