A long weekend and a reminder from the husband that our Malaysian visas will expire soon made us pack our backpacks and leave to Kuala Lumpur. Yeah thats all it takes to travel. I told you Singapore is a gem in terms of location. So we decided to board an evening Tiger Airways Flight to KL from Changi. He comes late from office and now we have to rush to the airport.As a blessing our flight was delayed and the passengers were moved to a different gate at the other end of Terminal 2. How nice, now I have time for duty free..:D



This is how the immigration counter in KLIA2 looks like. There is no proper order, queue or information. This reminded us of our journey to Dubai earlier this year. But Dubai scores better here.


By the time we came out after an hour ordeal the belts were empty and we were dead hungry. We headed towards a KFC at the airport for a quick bite.



We took a taxi from airport to Melia hotel which is in the city, approx 40 mins drive from the airport to the main city.


When coming from the airport you have to pass through a toll plaza unlike India here toll is paid by the driver.

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