kerala style chicken ularthiyath

Chicken is a favorite at home in any form. We do not eat red meat often so chicken recipes turn out to be the special recipes in the weekend and sometimes on weekdays. Chicken ularthiyathu is a stir fried version of chicken from Kerala. Kerala has many such recipes with meat. It is not a dish that I grew up with but a staple at Aj’s home and I am told its a recipe from Kottayam especially among the local christians. What makes this chicken dish different from other spicy and yummy chicken dishes from the state is the use of coconut bits. It adds a bite and a uniqueness to this dish and let me warn you one helping is never enough. This recipe is a versatile one it can be made with beef, mutton or even prawns. I have tried all of them and have loved each one. This is a simplified version that will fit perfect for a weeknight dinner.





kerala style chicken ularthiyath


– This is an easy version of the authentic recipe that can be whipped up in under 30 mins. The actual recipe calls for chicken with bones but I made it with chicken fillet to decrease the cooking time. Nevertheless, the dish tastes equally yummy.
–  Our tolerance for spice is high so be moderate with it while adding.