We turned TWO!! Yay!!

We completed two years of married life on Jan 25th.One of the best things that happened in my life is meeting Aj. I wonder at times how can he remain so calm even when I nag and show all sorts of tantrum. Though we do not have the same opinion on most of the things, when it comes to travel we are like minded and no matter what we find time to get away from the busy life here. As long as we are together we are happy.

Flight & Visa

We boarded Thai Airways to Bangkok  on 24th Jan from Changi. Our first experience with The Thai was good. Extremely attentive staff and good food. We landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok by 3pm.

We pre-booked our meal on Thai airways, the advantage of pre-booking your meal is you won’t go out of choice as we have dietary restrictions plus you will get it first before everyone and it wont run out of stock. The Indian meal really is not cooked by Indians for sure, even though it tasted great it was not authentic but we loved it. It really remind us of food we cook in Kerala like pepper chicken curry, cheera thoran and erissery.

Inside Thai Air flight

Finally we landed at beautiful Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Indian passport holders can enjoy visa on arrival for up to 3 months. After collecting the form which is readily available proceed to visa counter. You are required to have the following with you:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Completed visa form
  • Valid Passport
  • Confirmation email regarding the place of stay/hotel
  • A sum of 1000 Baht, add 200 baht extra to move to the VIP line.( Its a choice if you have the time, don’t waste money)

Be prepared to wait 30 min for getting visa. Once you submit your documents you have to wait at the seats before the immigration counter and your file number will be called once visa is ready.

Stay & Transport

If you are looking for a safe and economical means of transport, the Trains suit you best. It is convenient too if you are traveling to the city. There are different types of trains in Bangkok which will be confusing in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it , it will be easy. We took trains on all occasions during our stay right from the Airport.

Once you come out from immigration you can walk to your right side if you want to take the Airport rail link which is at the basement.

Its pretty amazing that most people who have been to Bangkok multiple times doesn’t know that there is a Airport rail metro connected at Suvarnabhumi airport which makes your life much easier to get to the city and these trains are fast. We took the Airlink and got down at Makasan station and walked to Phetchaburi metro station exit where we took a grab car to the hotel, we could actually walk to hotel if we didn’t have many bags.

We chose a hotel which is not far from the Airport as well as near to  any train Station. Avani Atrium at Phetchaburi was the right choice as its at a walkable distance (around 15 mins) from the nearest metro station. Plus the hotel provides free shuttle to and fro the station at selected timings.

We booked our stay at Avani atrium which is under Minor hotels group, they have pretty large rooms and excellent guest service.

View from our room



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